the perfect side tables

I love furniture and design and to satiate my creative side, I am always drawing out and sketching  pieces of  furniture and objects that I think would be cool. So when i could not find the right side tables to go in my bedroom- i designed a pair - exactly the size i needed ( bit could not find)  and had them made. I use a lot of macassar wood and goatskin in my designs  + these are electrically outfitted as well so that I can easily plug in my phone, lamp or computer - hassle free!


IMG_2081 (1).jpg

Small space makeover

I am keen on small cozy intimate spaces ! I had an extra room that was tiny & I wanted to offer my mother her own cozy private space away from our family chaos (she visits often,  and also be able to host a family of 4 when our friends visit -  but make it SUPER  comfortable!  I maximized on sleeping space by putting two queen beds in a tiny room and created a drapery that can be closed for privacy if needed.  It's the one room everyone gets a good night sleep in!



I love a printed wallpaper- especially in a small space so I chose this fun palm wallpaper, Manila by Sanderson, to make the space more intimate. All the fabrics are Holly Hunt and the linens are Walker Valentine.  This room became a quiet respite everyone wants to spend time in away from the crazy city noise! Happy Sleeping!!!

this was the space before I took control!   

this was the space before I took control!