Making Challah- sharing a special tradition

I recently had the invitation to make Challah with a friend- she makes it every Friday for her family and friends to enjoy during Shabbat. Traditions are special, and I was honored to be a part of my friend Debbie's very special Challah making.  ( Please do not judge the video I put together - I was just going to post a picture but this was to fun not to share this way - so forgive my lack of editing talents!)  and PLEASE Send me your family traditions!!!!

I ended up making 3 loaves after my dough had risen- the dough consists of eggs, yeast, a lot of honey & flour. For my toppings, I made a sesame seed, poppy seed + sea salt mixture for one loaf, chocolate chips for another loaf and a cinnamon, raisin + pecan loaf. All equally divine!!!!