Photo courtesy of Veranda Magazine. 

I grew up in the fashion world & have worked with some of the most celebrated fashion designers, but my real passion has always been cooking &  entertaining, flowers &  design, and pursuing fun objects that “I desire." I am a creative creature by nature!

I love anything that moves me with its beauty, style or design - My home is always open to visitors to come and converse, cook, laugh and create memories. I am most comfortable when I am in the kitchen whipping up a meal for 10-12 people on a whim. I love arranging flowers, creating table settings--all usually simple but beautiful. I am also an auction house addict always curious what is out there & always following fun whimsical objets- curious to the past life and curious to their next life.

When it comes to cooking - my motto is,  "simple is always best." Creating a meal should not be a laborious stressful endeavor, but something that feeds you creatively. I created a blog to share with you some of my favorite easy-to-make foods and things that make my world a more beautiful experience ( Also if i can cook you can too)!  I will also share tidbits of things i find interesting, helpful or unusual as I come across them!

And My newest adventure -my  fun new napkin designs on the  #CocktailHourWithGiGi  page - these will make cocktail hour more humorous!  Live the life you love!  CHEERS!!!